What is 12th Street?

12th Street is a literary journal published by students participating in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. The Riggio  curriculum instills “literature as an engine of democracy.” The journal was first sold at Barnes & Noble during the spring of 2008, after a 40 year hiatus and is now published annually. Click here for an image of the relaunch cover. In 2018, 12th Street will transition from a once-per-year publication to a year-round one, with new content at regular intervals on the site.

What is the Riggio Honors program?

The Riggio Program is designed to offer an innovative and comprehensive literary education. The program is a curriculum of writing workshops (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and literature seminars, culminating in a thesis project. In addition, an ongoing series of public readings, literary forums, lectures, symposiums and panel discussions add depth to the program. The program creates and fosters a cohesive community of undergraduate writers through regular student readings and other peer group activities, including 12th Street, edited and published by New School undergraduates.

Can I publish on this site?

All matriculating undergraduate students at The New School, as well as Riggio Honors Program alumni, are urged to submit! November 22, 2017 is our current submission deadline, for publication in Spring 2018. Additionally, we accept blog submissions year-round. 

If you’re in the writing world (writer, agent, author, professor, etc) and would like to interview with us, have suggestions, requests, or complaints; email us at submit@12thstreetonline.com.