12th Street 2017-2018

Tucker C. Newsome, Editor-in-Chief
Gregory Levine-Rozenvayn, Managing Editor
Nicolette Natale, Nonfiction Editor
Madelyn Monaghan, Fiction Editor
Erika Peterson, Assistant Fiction Editor
Michael Anthony Loscalzo, Poetry & Art Editor
Melissa Puello, Assistant Poetry Editor
Alexandra Tadros, Interviews Editor
Lauren Patten, Social Media Editor
Seth Graves, Faculty Adivsor

Editor-in-Chief  Tucker C. Newsome

Tucker C. Newsome is a writer, editor, and reluctant journalist. His work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, 12th Street Journal and elsewhere. Originally from North Carolina, he currently resides in Brooklyn.

Issue Managing Editor Gregory Levine-Rozenvayn

A Soviet born, American bred poet and storyteller, Grisha can be found wandering Lower Manhattan, from village to village, working on his collection of poems.

Nonfiction Editor Nicolette Natale

Nicolette Natale is a junior in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. She currently resides in Brooklyn with two human beings and a cat.

Fiction Editor  Madelyn Monaghan

Madelyn Monaghan is an actor, singer, writer, and human who does not keep up with the Kardashians. A recent graduate of The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, she is now a student of fiction and poetry in the Riggio program. Maddie has a passion for Shakespeare, second-hand clothing stores, guessing the next line in predictable old movies, covering soft music of the 70’s (@madelyn_monaghan), and storytelling in all forms.

Assistant Fiction Editor Erika Peterson

Erika Peterson has wanted to be a writer for the majority of her life, and is in the process of figuring out what this entails. She likes black coffee, but is skeptical about Americanos. She recently made the choice to move to New York, but can’t quite understand what would compel her to leave California’s 60 degree winters. In her free time she can be found reading in coffee shops or staring longingly at pictures of her dog, Bubs.

Poetry & Art Editor Michael Anthony Loscalzo

Michael Anthony is a student of poetry in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. They spend their free time roaming around art museums & galleries in pursuit of the absolute and reading manga late at night when their insomnia demands attention.  

Assistant Poetry Editor Melissa Puello

The taste of things left unsaid
Will leave me undone

Interviews Editor  Alexandra Tadros

Aly Tadros gained the bulk of her interview experience through thousands of OKCupid dates, where she was forced to develop new methods for feigning interest. She also gained a knack for asking hard questions like, “Will you please put your phone away?” and “When were you going to tell me you were married?”

Social Media Editor  Lauren Patten

Lauren Patten has spent six years plugging away at her degree. After stints at New York University, UCLA, and USC, she landed at The New School; she will complete her thesis and her epic quest for collegiate fulfillment in the spring. She has worked as an actor and musician on and off Broadway, in regional theatres in Los Angeles and Chicago, and occasionally on big and silver screens.  She primarily writes creative nonfiction, with forays into fiction and screenplays. She suffers from a costly addiction to independent bookstores.

Faculty Advisor  Seth Graves

Seth Graves is delighted to serve as 12th Street’s faculty advisor. Seth is associate editor at Coldfront magazine. As an alum of The New School’s Writing MFA program, he’s happy to return to his alma mater.