ddd2Editor-in-Chief  Diana Angelo

Diana Angelo’s first love is taking chances; diving–eyes closed–into new ventures and projects. Her second love is the City of New York, who at times is downright abusive and cruel, but always shows up a little while later with flowers. Diana began her writing venture as an essayist, but has since enjoyed crossing genres and forms. She believes there oughtn’t be borders—that goes for people and land too. In addition to earning her BA in Liberal Arts at The New School in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy, she is also earning the certificate to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. She currently volunteers teaching English to new immigrants and refugees at the International Center in Manhattan, where she learns more from her students than she feels they could ever learn from her.

bio-picIssue Managing Editor  Jacquelyn Gallo

Jacquelyn Gallo is currently a senior enrolled in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. She is a creative nonfiction writer living in Manhattan. Her work has been published in Dossier Journal and Art Critical: The Online magazine of Art and Ideas and  cited alongside her most beloved sheroes in The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History.

161712chSocial Media and Blog Managing Editor  Casey Haymes

Casey Haymes is the most famous storyteller you’ve never heard of. And what’s more important than fame?

 161712emEditor-at-Large  Ernesto Moreno

When not editing-at-large, Ernesto Moreno is raving about his partner’s delicious cuisine on Instagram (@chethepoet); pretending to be an anti-racist Robert Moses; and working his tail-feather off at his jobs. All the while he is dreaming of the eventual Communist Revolution, really. He also loves steampunk attire, coffee, and cute animals.

img_3630Poetry Editor  Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is a student of poetry in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. When not editing, he is lost somewhere in the bookstore McNally Jackson or at his apartment in Brooklyn reading poems to his kitten, Simone.

nkNonfiction Editor  Noura Kiridly

Noura Kiridly is a Palestinian-Lebanese first generation American with lots of identity issues. She enjoys writing about them. She believes in the power of story to change old definitions of false history and to give validity to collective voices against repression or erasure.
She believes in the power of every single person’s written and lived experiences.
She enjoys reading the news in her downtime, poetry at all times, and nihilistic memes before bed.
She likes sitting on her fire escape.
She is that student that loves class discussion.
She is hoping to create radical and real conversations.
She is hoping to capture the realities of the time we are in, without simplifications.
She believes the more creative, the more honest, and the less restrictive we view the definitions of telling our true stories, the better.

grisha_levinerozenvayn_bio_picFiction Editor  Grisha Levine-Rozenvayn

Grisha Levine-Rozenvayn is a second year student of Fiction in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School. He  is currently working on a collection of short stories, when not at his Midtown West barista job, and he lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant with his wife and cat.

img_2403Interview Editor  Tucker Newsome

Tucker Newsome is a writer of fiction, an essayist, professional liar, and poet who currently finds himself on the wrong side of a quarter-life crisis. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Tucker is an ardent Panthers fan and can be found shouting at the T.V. on any given weekend. He has several “top-secret” literary projects presently in the works; none of which will ever be completed due to uncompromising commitment issues, but all of which involve dinosaur romance. He has been on the winning end of several failed relationships and has won multiple awards for “diligent and tireless apathy.” Tucker runs a twelve-minute mile, which he maintains “is fast enough to outrun a zombie…for a mile.” He resides in Brooklyn with a raccoon named Elsie.

Reader  Jimmy Dillon

Dillon once discovered a Beckett doppelganger on an uptown subway. He got off at the wrong stop and followed the man for three blocks. Dillon spoke to him and alas, the author hadn’t rolled back the stone and was, in fact, still beastly dead.

Reader  Sean King

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: [He sees the Log Lady seated nearby, cradling her log and drinking coffee] Log Lady.
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: Right.
FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: [He waves to her] Hi.
[She looks away]
FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: Can I ask her about her log?
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: Many have.

From Twin Peaks Pilot Episode

Name given: Sean Everington King ( Almost named, Manolo)
Origin of Birth: Atlanta, GA ( Hospital of birth doesn’t exist any more)
Date of Birth: 12/31/1991 ( 6lb, 7 oz)
Current Height: 5′ 10″
Current Weight: 160lbs
40 yrd dash: 4.6 ( Note: Time made up.)
Studies: Knowledge to vast for one subject, hence a true liberal arts student
Work: Prose fiction ( Dabbles in Poetry, but knows it is crap)


Reader  Jacob Knapp

Jacob Knapp decided to be an author around the age of 4. His inspiration, at that time, came from his favorite books; The Haunted Toolshed by Dave Keane and Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. Of course, Jacob also wanted to be a NASA scientist, an actor, a king of ancient Egypt, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz at 4 years of age. Not all of that panned out – so it goes, so it goes – but he’s still working on the author thing, and currently drafting his first novel. Like his fellow 12th Street Journal staff members, he is an undergraduate in the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at the New School. Jacob’s childhood was spent in the woods of Guilford, Vermont, a 15-minute drive from nowheresville. When not working on 12th Street, Jacob periodically likes to tap his shoes and travel to Oz.

img_1722Faculty Advisor  Emma Komlos-Hrobsky

Emma Komlos-Hrobsky is delighted to serve as 12th Street’s faculty advisor. She has taught in various capacities at the New School since 2008, and received her MFA from its Creative Writing program in 2010. Outside of her work at the New School, Emma is associate editor at Tin House magazine, director of the Tin House Craft Intensives, and a writer and illustrator in her own right.  She writes most passionately about nature and the American west, and at the intersection of magical realism and science.