Rejoining My Distant Parts


Sleeping in a dojo, thinking of Kyoto, I meditate

as an entity crafted by dreams. The sliding

straw door opens, calm

at its seams. Opening its eyes, the entity

sighs. Signs of anxiety?

No. More complexity. Grunts of

ire? No, tamer. Expressions

of revelations? Yes! The realization of complicated life.

After leaving the dojo

the entity situates itself above misty

mountains. All it sees

is flowing tranquility. The absence

of bans. The entity then closes

its eyes, rises and runs

up a mountain path. It comes to

this character looking as an emoji monk, who joins it

on its journey towards the smoky peak

of Mount Fuji. The entity asks how high

the peak is, how long the ascendance?

The monk answers, time is absent to the adapted conscience.

The entity asks why meditation seems to slow

time’s passing. The monk answers, meditation brings

conscience, it is wholly

soothing. So why did I run up this path if I was so

calm and tranquil?

You ran because you feel

time holds you in a manner most subtle.

Aha! The entity says, as it recognizes the validity of

time’s weakness.

I then awake without restlessness.