We’re All Global Citizens Separated By Demarcation Lines (Preview)

As representatives of the world community, and as students from New York City and across America, we have witnessed an era of chronic income inequality, education inequality, affordable housing shortages, homelessness, a lack of sustainable employment, institutionalized racism and a host of other issues that pose a serious threat to democracy and civil society.

These were some of the highlights of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), held this past September at the UN headquarters in New York.  As a member of the Foreign Press, I receive invitations to cover these sessions and other parallel events held in New York during the General Assembly. The best part of my work as an independent journalist is that I have the privilege to cover any event of my choice and the freedom to write purely from my perspective. The three-day 2015 Concordia Summit titled, “The Future: The Imperative of Youth Employment in Creating Inclusive Economics,” held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, drew over one-thousand stake holders and participants from the United States and across the globe making it the most relevant and timely event. Vice President Joe Biden delivered the opening remarks.

To be continued…

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Featured Photo Credit:  Photo by Bukola Shonuga