“We have a tendency to think of the homeless as a transient population”

                                      “Yeah, but Toronto isn’t that great for couples…”

“A lot of people ask why the homeless go into cities     Are the cities just nicer?”

“I loved Paris!”

                                    “LINDA! Como si la ciudad estaba hecho de oro!”

                     “Uluru iss sssoooo spirrrituall”

      “But that is more in relation to the so-called ‘hobo era’…”

“Are you visitin   Edinburgh,   Aberdeen?     Scotland’s got a lotta      cities”

                                        “Tú eres de México?”

          “…try hopping on a train today        they’re a little faster”

 “I was only in Rome for like a    few days     than we had to go back to Paris”

                                  “We’re here just for today”

         “Barcelona” “Bueno Aires” “Oh, Perth is great!” “Tokyo” “Dubai”

“We’re from Seattle”

           “Pittsburgh-so-not-too-   far”

                     “Most of the homeless are actually from the city—”

London,               New York, LA,       Vegas to       Ibiza

      “—and are concentrated wherever services are available to them”


those are the seats that the homeless people sleep on

So try to keep them empty for them…”

“We have to take a ‘tough love’ approach”

          “I am staying in a shelter, but they do not provide food for me and

                                                                                  my three kids…”

“Can I eat that?”

            Donald Trump Cited As Inspiration In Beating Of Homeless Latino,              Police Say

“Of course nobody would choose to live life on the street”

“Y si damos casas a todos? ¿Crees que se lo agradecerán!? Por favor!”

                                              “I’m notta socialist or anything, but—”





                                                    “But they can’t afford to leave”


Featured Photo Credit:  photo by Diana Angelo