you should get a reading beautiful like the orange we were red now we’re orange i’ve been cleaning it’s time for a change what’s your name how old are you you were born under a lucky day to be a leader and not a follower here’s my phone take it fix it no get off instagram instagram not for kids play some games okay i see a person who smiles a lot smiles a lot with her face but not as much with her heart i see a person who is very misunderstood you feel misunderstood i see a lot of indecision i see a person who used to say yes no now you say I don’t know maybe what do you think don’t turn to outsiders with what’s inside of you i mean not outsiders i mean like your friends family money i see money it will come and go you’re going to use your head and your heart and your mind you were born to be a creative and there’s money coming but don’t let the money be your maker it’s coming no go fix my phone be careful what you say to who with love i see you love up and down sometimes you give one hundred percent sometimes fifty percent but when you’re at a hundred you’re more like seventy you see what i’m saying does it smell like alcohol in here do you smell that i have to stop that now come back for a better reading whenever you’re ready don’t forget to have fun you’re young smile

Featured artwork Credit:  Artwork by Hannah Lamb-Vines