Beneath A Broken Bridge

Under a bridge,

Kicking rocks at battered walls,

We smoked a few Winston’s,

Not for the thrill

But out of habit.

The sun dropped below the earth,

And the cloudy waters

Rose to our bare ankles,

You told me tragic tales of your life,

And I shared a few of my own.

Stepping through the ruins,

Of another man’s city,

In a crevice of the world

We didn’t choose,

Where no sitcoms are shot,

The ice cream tastes bitter,

And the devil,

If there is one,

Reins supreme in the thoughts

Of jagged minds.

We held hands and stood on broken glass,

With scentless flowers all around,

And watched the sun and the moon

Trade places a million times,

I grew hair on my chin,

And you stopped wearing heels,

But our beauty lived on

In the cracks of our sweaty palms.