Occupy Wall Street – A Photo Essay – Part 1

Occupy Wall Street has been building momentum for the past few weeks. Coincidentally, as the protesters set up camp at Liberty Plaza, I traveled upstate to help cater an annual party hosted by the CEO of a Fortune 500 banking company. The upper echelon of the “Top 1%”, as the protesters call them, were nice enough, terrible dancers and all in bed before midnight. I, as the help, had to use Porta Pottys set up across the estate at the garage. A general air of stuffiness and the deplorable mix of chemicals and shit are the outstanding debts of that night.

I documented the Occupy Wall Street crowd a day before nearly 700 of them were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. The only consensual cause I saw was an overwhelming need to be heard. My photos serve as an exploration of what those voices are saying and who they’re coming from.

– John Emrys Eller

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