12th Street Cover Art & Two Poems by Sylvia Bonilla

12th Street News

The fourth issue of 12th Street Journal is printed and shipped. Please come join us for our launch at Barnes & Noble’s Union Square bookstore in NYC on Monday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m.

We will have readings by student contributors and two poets who speak to the heart of Writing & Democracy–Amiri Baraka and Mark Nowak. Amiri Baraka’s interview appears in the new journal and you can read Mark Nowak’s interview here.

Check out the new cover and while you are at it, check out these two new poems from one of our student contributors,
Sylvia Bonilla.


meet him now beneath lights of
moon and cigarette
fluorescents turn his skin into melon
oh, nights like this are inhospitable
like the shell of a house
before the brick is laid
before the floors stutter
and you wonder how could it be filled
with wishbones



crossing the alley to Sara’s house
the stretch where men rude as hunger
slept on emptied rice sacs
and pigeons necked in vigilantly
queen of ice yelled a brittle voice
the man with a mouse on his shoulder
pointed at my sister with middle finger
for lack of an index
where is disney world? snorting
we ran
plastic shoes squeaking
soles torching